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What Village Girls Dress
Radhika Nilupulee, Grade 9
Village girls love to wear various clothes and jewelry. We wear saris, osaries, cheeththas, hettas, frocks, blouses and skirts. Saris, osaries, cheeththas and hettas are our traditional indigenous clothes. Normally we wear frocks, skirts and blouses at home.
A cheeththa is a colorful dress decorated with beautiful flowers we love to wear. It covers from our waists to ankles. But when we bathe in rivers and reservoirs, we wear the cheeththa in a way it covers from the breasts to the knees. We usually bathe with other girls in the village and it is real fun in the water.

We make clothes in various colors. In our village, girls rarely wear western clothes like shorts, trousers, half-jeans and denims at home. Some times villagers crack jokes at them (in a friendly way) if a girl were seen wearing such clothes. But on a trip or in a journey we have the freedom to wear western clothes.

Girls become smarter when they come to their teen ages and they wear nice clothes with bright colors to match with the age. Ladies wear saris, osaries and frocks when they travel or when they go for special occasions like weddings.

We wear hetta and cheeththa when we work in rice fields.Girls are a bit shy in Sri Lankan villages. Everyone loves gold Jewelry when they become teenagers. Parents buy girls earrings, bangles, necklaces and rings.

In traditional Cheeththa and hetta
In a Sari
In a Lamasari
In a Salwar

A girl attaining puberty is celebrated in a small ceremony and it is the first important occasion in a girl's life here. In that occasion a girl gets a lot of clothes and jewelry as presents.